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US Wholesale distribution for LiFePO4 energy soloutions!

LiFePO4 Batteries, LiFePO4 Battery Packs for EV, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Headway Headquarters, LLC is a US wholesale distributor of high quality LiFePO4 cells.  We deal with a variety of industries for our wholesale distribution along with providing LiFePO4 energy storage solutions to a wide spectrum of educational facilities and higher learning along with companies that are complying with government contracts.  Headway cells are being used in the robotics industry, the aerospace industry, new sustainable environmental energy collection, various vehicle applications and telecommunication industries.  If there is a piece of equipment that runs on electric or battery power, a smart choice is Headway LiFePO4, cells (available in various sizes and Ah's: 38120HP 8Ah, 38120S 10Ah, 38140S 12Ah and 40152S 15Ah) for your energy storage needs.


Headway Headquarters LLC serves a world-wide customer base with its innovative products, cost effective pricing and exemplary customer care. Headway-Headquarters LLC is an excellent choice for your LiFePO4, energy storage needs.

Headway Headquarters LLC works closely with their clients in a wide spectrum of industries for various application needs.


  • We are the North American AFTER-SALES SERVICE provider for Headway-China.
  • We only provide qualified and certified top grade (A grade certified) Headway cells to our clients.
  • Headway-China provides us with volume cost effective manufacturing, which enables us to offer great pricing to our clients for LiFePO4, cells and emerging power technologies.
  • Headway Headquarters LLC has a proven history of responding to its clients needs efficiently and precisely.
  • Headway Headquarters LLC is a certified lithium cell shipper in compliance with 49 CFR 172, IATA, and IMDG training requirements.
  • If you are requesting to ship via air, (ie Next Day, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select) we will be contacting you for an additonal $35 fee that is charged by UPS for shipping dangerous goods to be in compliance with IATA.  We will provide you with the option to either pay the UPS service fee for shipping by air or change your order to be shipped via ground shipping. Please visit our Shipping Policy Page.


  • HAWAII, ALASKA AND ALL INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Due to the complexity of cell shipping and in order to save you money on shipping costs, please visit our Contact Us Page to inquire about possible reduced shipping costs.  Please review new updates to shipping regulations for shipping Li-ion cells and batteries on our Shipping and Returns page.


We look forward to working with you!

The electrical power that we provide here at Headway-Headquarters, LLC is insignificant to the power of God! 2 Corinthians 12:9

 We are located at 197 Rainier Vista Dr., Mineral, WA 98355


(360) 972-5967